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R44 Detailing Gift Pack - HENRY

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Here are Henry's (my) favourite detailing products for washing my high mileage Audi A6.

With covering a lot of miles comes a lot of road grime. This gift pack includes my favourite snow foam and shampoo combination along with two accessories I use at home.

I threw in Gyeon's Anti Fog as a bit of a wild card as this is definitely a winter essential for me. As you would expect on a high mileage Audi, the demister is a bit broken so my windows are forever fogging up. Anti Fog has been my 'go to' solution.

I find it super important to protect my car's paint following a wash, and I much prefer using a wax to a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings require regular maintenance washing and top ups, whereas wax can spread washes out months at a time!


- Gyeon Q2M Bathe Essence 400ml
- Gyeon Q2M Foam 1L
- Auto Finesse Plush Was Mitt
- EZ Detail Brush (Big)
- Gyeon Q2 AntiFog 120ml
- Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax 250ml


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