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R44 Detailing Gift Pack - KYRON

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Introducing Ky's favourite car care products for the R44 Fiesta ST track car!

Again, being a matte car, it's important to use products that don't add gloss. In Ky's gift pack, you'll see Stjarnagloss' matte range as well as some awesome paint-safe accessories. Ky has also selected ValetPRO's Back To The Future to restore the ST's faded trim that really lets down the car.

We know lot's of you love your matte wraps and paint jobs - this is definitely a set for you! 


- Auto Finesse Plush Was Mitt
- Valet-Pro Back To The Future 250ml
- Valet-Pro Drying Towel (Grey)
- Stjarnagloss Mörk Matte Finish Quick Detailer
- Stjarnagloss Matta Matt Finish Car Wash 500ml
- Gtechniq - W6 Iron & General Fallout Remover 500ml


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