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Auto Finesse Quick Detailer Holiday Gift Bundle

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Apply the perfect finishing touch with the Auto Finesse Quick Detailer Holiday Gift Bundle. Protect interior surfaces with Spritz & exterior surfaces with Finale.

Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer

Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer is the perfect interior dressing to maintain that factory fresh interior finish of a brand new car. For all intents and purposes, Spritz is an 'interior quick detailer', capable of both lightly cleaning and protecting interior plastics, as well as vinyl, all in one step. Its easy to use water-based formula is packed with UV-inhibitors to protect against fading and leaves behind a natural matte finish that is dry to the touch.

Manufactured to a high standard, at a very reasonable price point. It's very quick and easy to apply and leaves an anti-static, satin look finish that also protects against harmful UV rays from the sun.

Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer

Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer is a fast finishing spray, drying aid and master all-round valeting and detailing perfector developed to give an immaculate, non-streak finish to every detail. When you’re looking to clean away light grime and marks to create a spotless, pristine surface, and add (or enhance) that essential warm carnauba glow, always finish with Finale quick detailer!

What's Included?

  • Spritz 500ml
  • Finale 500ml

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