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Chemical Guys Nonsense Colourless & Odourless All Surface Cleaner 450ml

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Nonsense Colourless & Odourless cleaner. No odour, no colour, no residue - no nonsense! An invisible and invincible super cleaner that works to remove stains, grease, dirt and grime with maximum cleaning power. Strong on dirt and stains, gentle on sensitive carpets and fabric surfaces. Nonsense gently cleans and removes dirt and stains from sensitive materials, without leaving behind colours, odours or chemical residue.

Ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces. A super concentrated formula, meaning 1 gallon makes 20 gallons of ready to use nonsense. Improved for better results, this cleaner completely eliminates odour and colour by utilising Advanced Transparent Cleaning Technology, which delivers a professional strength product that is safe and easy for anyone to use.

What's different about the new formula? It's more powerful with improved cleaning agents. It's now a zero residue formula - no typical white residue. Common cleaners have particles floating in them, where nonsense has zero. It's the ultimate super cleaner.

SKU SPI_993_16

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