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Gyeon Q2M PPF Renew

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Size: 120ml

Gyeon Q²M PPF Renew effectively maintains and removes micro-scratches from your vehicle's paint protection film (PPF). It combines light abrasive particles with protective (and repellent) additives, creating a UV resistant effect. The product allows both machine and hand application, removing haze and oxidation while leaving a smooth, glossy finish. It is the world’s first maintenance product containing silica and designed from scratch to work at its best on all types of PPF, including modern self-healing films.

Q²M PPF Renew is the world’s first SiO² infused paint protection film maintenance product. Containing silica, not only does it restore gloss and slickness, it also does provide great UV protection and chemical resistance. It is also a very good base prior to a ceramic coating of your choice.


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