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Kranzle K1050 P Home And Garden Use High Pressure Washer

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Kranzle K 1050 P High Pressure Washer is a great value at-home pressure washer for cleaning cars, garden areas & home applications. We know Kranzle is definitely not the cheapest pressure washer, but you certainly get what you pay for. The K 1050 P utilises high-quality materials that don't corrode, crack or warp over time, whilst having a number of unique features that make pressure washing efficient and effective.

The Kranzle company successfully established itself within the market in 1974 not by offering the cheapest but the best. This is their commitment and it still applies to all their products and solutions. Therefore, Kranzle is the number one choice for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide who attach great importance to quality.

Kranzle K 1050 P

Product characteristics:
  • Convenient, space-saving and compact design
  • 8 M High-pressure hose
  • Trigger gun with safety catch and quick release fitting
  • Flat jet stainless steel lance with brass quick release bayonet
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