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R44 Detailing Interior Cleaning Kit

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Every car cleaning product you need to keep a spotless, dust free and fresh interior.

It's great making your vehicle's exterior spotless, but the interior is where you spend 99% of your time. To make vehicle interior cleaning easy, we have put together this kit containing our team's favourite interior cleaning products. The kit offers a nice saving over purchasing all the products individually. Happy cleaning!


- Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner 500ml
- ValetPRO Dash Brush
- Gyeon Fabric Coat 120ml
- Valet-Pro Multi Purpose Microfibre Cloths (6 Pack)
R44 Air Freshener


There are many interior cleaners on the market. Auto Finesse Total is a great all-rounder that works really well on a variety of interior surfaces. As Zach, our sales manager, says "It does EVERYTHING brev". 


Using an interior brush is essential for vehicle interiors. They allow you to removed dirt and dust from the tiniest crevices and creases such as between buttons and air vents. The ValetPRO Dash Brush is perfect for this!


Gyeon's Fabric Coat offers a durable hydrophobic barrier of protection for interior surfaces and carpets. Prevent stains and embedded odours for up to 6 months!


You're going to need something to apply and buff these awesome interior products. ValetPRO's Multi Purpose Cloths are versatile and work great on a wide range of interior surfaces.


Finally, keep your interior smelling great with one of our R44 Detailing air fresheners!


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