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R44 Detailing Wheel Cleaning Kit

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Wheel cleaning is very important to stay on top of. Removing brake dust and road grime frequently will prevent it from becoming embedded and impossible to get off. Even if you don't clean your car too often, we definitely recommend you regularly maintain your wheels as they are the most exposed and battered section of the car.

To make wheel cleaning simple, we've included just 3 essential products. Use these in between washes and keep your wheels looking fresh. Done. Easy.


- ValetPRO Dragons Breath 500ml
- Gyeon Q2M Wheel Brush Medium
Auto Finesse Tyre Scrubber


We chose dragon's breath for its specialist ingredients that react with the iron deposits found in brake dust. Dragon's breath requires little-to-no agitation unless brake dust is heavily embedded. Dragon's breath works as a general grime cleaner, works great on tyres and easily rinses away.


A high-quality wheel brush is essential for agitating built up grime on wheels. Having a long brush allows you to clean within the wheel barrel and behind the spokes. Gyeon's medium wheel brush is made from microfibre which is very safe on all wheel finishes.


Keeping your tyres clean is just as important as the wheels! Extremely dirty tyres can cause the rubber to degrade much faster as well as looking unsightly. Whilst your wheel is covered in wheel cleaner, take the opportunity to hit the tyres with Auto Finesse's awesome and ergonomic tyre scrubber.


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