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Stjarnagloss Clean & Glossy Holiday Gift Bundle

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Achieve glossy paintwork & glass with the Stjarnagloss Clean & Glossy bundle. Hit both glass & bodywork with this kit.

Stjarnagloss Silke High Gloss Detailing Spray

Stjarnagloss Silke High Gloss Detailing Spray is a high gloss quick detailer that gently cleans and dresses hard surfaces, inside and out.

Once you see what it can do to paint, plastics and other hard materials (whether inside or outside the car) you’ll be using so much of it, so often, that you’ll swear the bottle has sprung a leak!

Solvent-free and safe to use on PPF films and gloss wraps.

Stjarnagloss Glas Professional Glass Cleaner

Stjarnagloss Glas Professional Glass Cleaner is a high performance cleaning spray for glass and clear plastics.

Glas is a solvent based ‘professional’ grade glass cleaning spray of a type that you simply can’t find in supermarkets or most high street shops.

Smear and streak free, you just need a small amount and one or two passes with a high-quality microfibre to get windows or mirrors sparkling.

No need to chase those smears, or get dusty with an old school glass polish.

Tint safe (assuming tints in good condition and applied correctly) and perfect for clear plastics too.

Stjarnagloss Fluffig Microfibre Buffing Cloth

Stjarnagloss Fluffig Microfibre Buffing Cloth is a soft, plush microfibre detailing cloth with micro-suede edging.

Perfect for buffing polishes, sealants or waxes on even the softest finishes without risk of marring.

Fully machine washable and safe to tumble dry (at low temps).

What's Included?

  • Silke 500ml
  • Glas 500ml
  • Fluffig x1

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