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Stjarnagloss Hand Polish Holiday Gift Bundle

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Restore gloss from dull & flat paintwork with the Stjarnagloss Hand Polish bundle. Polishing will remove swirl marks & marring from your vehicle's paintwork & is a great step after decontamination.

Stjarnagloss Skara Gloss Enhancing Polish

Micro-abrasive fine cut polish to clean, glaze and seal gloss paintwork.

This fine cut polish is a really versatile all-rounder. Not only can it be used by hand (perhaps with a Stjärnagloss Gnugga applicator) or machine, but it also does far more than merely polish… it cleans, glazes and even protects with added sealant ingredients. Sure, you’ll need to reach for heavier cut polishes if you have really hard paint or deeper defects, but for day-to-day applications it could be the best pre-wax or pre-sealant product you’ll ever use.

Stjarnagloss Gnugga Microfibre Polish Applicator

Plush microfibre polish applicator, with an elasticated ‘easy-grip’ pocket.

Polish applicators often use the cheapest microfibre going, and on softer paint finishes these may sometimes do more harm than good.

Instead, this plush applicator is made from soft, high-grade microfibre wrapped around soft, absorbent foam, and contains an elasticated pocket so you can properly grip it with your fingers.

Perfect for the application of all polishes and other liquid products.

Stjarnagloss Fluffig Microfibre Buffing Cloth

Stjarnagloss Fluffig Microfibre Buffing Cloth is a soft, plush microfibre detailing cloth with micro-suede edging.

Perfect for buffing polishes, sealants or waxes on even the softest finishes without risk of marring.

Fully machine washable and safe to tumble dry (at low temps).

What's Included?

  • Skara 500ml
  • Gungga x1
  • Fluffig x1

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