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Auto Finesse Aqua Coat Spray Wax

Original price £12.95 - Original price £49.95
Original price
£12.95 - £49.95
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Size: 500ml

Auto Finesse Aqua Coat is an easy-to-use vehicle spray wax that offers durable protection and water beading that lasts months, not just weeks. Effective on paint, glass, and even trim.


Wax your car like never before with the si02 based Aqua Wax. Simply spray onto a clean car, wet vehicle and rinse for amazing water beading and shine on all exterior surfaces from paintwork to glass and external trim. A single application provides results that last up to 2 months.

Can be used as a rinse aid. 

Please note: All chemical detailing products cannot be shipped internationally. Please do not place a detailing order if you are outside of the UK.

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