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Auto Finesse Decontamination Holiday Gift Bundle

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The Auto Finesse Decontamination bundle contains two industry-leading products designed to effectively strip your vehicle's paintwork of embedded contamination. If you rub your hand across clean body panels & feel a gritty sensation, this is a sign your vehicle's paint is contaminated. ObliTARate removes tar contamination from tyres & Iron Out chemically removes iron particles - usually from brake dust & general grime.

Auto Finesse ObliTARate

Auto Finesse ObliTARate - Tar Remover. Watch tar and glue residues get obliTARated, Auto Finesse style! Auto Finesse ObliTARate's strong, solvent-based formula quickly dissolves contamination on contact, removing even the most stubborn tar and glue residues without damaging the underlying finish. Long dissatisfied with the performance of most dedicated tar and adhesive removers, Auto Finesse created the perfect chemical cocktail to easily strip adhesives and road-tar fallout.

ObliTARate is an essential product for use in between washing and claying, as it quickly dissolves even the toughest tar deposits, which greatly reduces the need for intensive claying at a later time. Used with care due to its potential to disrupt uncured paint, Auto Finesse ObliTARate is an essential time-saving product, and one that is perfectly suited to the needs of detailing enthusiasts.

Auto Finesse Iron Out

Auto Finesse Iron Out - Contaminant Remover targets and dissolves embedded iron particles quickly and effectively, before significant damage to your vehicle can occur. 

Iron fallout (Also called ‘Rail Dust’, though most of it comes from vehicle brakes) is a growing problem due to industry, mass transit, and increased traffic levels. These tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel can imbed themselves into practically any surface, and if left unchecked will begin to corrode.

What's Included?

  • ObliTARate 500ml
  • Irount Out 500ml

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