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Chemical Guys Tyre Kicker Extra Glossy Tyre Shine 450ml

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Bring back that showroom tire shine we all know and love with Chemical Guys Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Shine. Naturally, tires can get extremely dirty and fade due to excessive mileage - and the fact that they are the only part of your car that actually touches the road! Which is why Chemical Guys have developed a premium, water-based dressing with extra gloss enhancers and UV blockers to restore the glossy, wet shine on your old and rundown tyres. A high quality formula which can be used not only on tyres, but textured plastic, rubber and vinyl parts too.

For best results, mist a light coat of Tyre Shine over the face of your tyre, allow a moment to dry and then simply wipe away any excess product to avoid dripping, running and any tyre sling. An easy to use formula which finishes dry-to-the-touch and leaves your wheels with an envious shine, just like those in the showroom!

SKU TVD11316

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