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Kranzle HD K10/122 Pressure Washer

Original price £816.00 - Original price £1,027.14
Original price
£816.00 - £1,027.14
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Machine: K10/122
Hose Length: 10M
Dirt Killer Lance: Without

Kranzle HD K10/122 Pressure Washer is a convenient and compact pressure washer for washing your car. Available in standard form or with a 'Total-Stop' feature that saves wear to the seals if the machine is used intermittently but left switched on for long periods - washing cars for example!


- Convenient, space-saving & compact design
- Q/R Trigger gun with safety catch M2000
- 10 m high-pressure hose, with swivel
- Q/R Stainless steel lance with spray nozzle
- Q/R Dirtkiller lance, optionally
- Can withstand voltage fluctuations
- 5 m power lead with moulded UK 3-pin plug
- Slow running, silent and durable electrical induction motor (1,400 rpm)
- Advanced water inlet suction / priming design


Pressure regulation. Fully adjustable control allows operating pressures to be set to suit any task

Practical carrying handle, Portable and space saving compact design

Two Options:

- Standard

- (TS) Total Stop Automatic

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