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R44 Detailing Paint Decontamination Kit

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Paint decontamination is essential before coating a car. This kit contains both chemical and contact decontamination products to remove embedded contaminants including iron, tar, glue, lime and more!

You can tell whether paint is contaminated by rubbing your hand over the surface after washing. If it feels rough and gritty, there are embedded contaminants that need more than basic washing to be removed.

Use this kit to achieve perfectly decontaminated paint, ready for a ceramic coating, wax or sealant.


- Auto Finesse Iron Out - Contaminant Remover 500ml
- Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime 400ml
- Gtechniq - W7 Tar & Glue Remover 500ml
- ValetPRO Clay Rider 500ml
- Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft 200g


Iron deposits become easily embedded into paintwork. One round of iron remover will highlight and remove these deposits with a visual pink bleeding effect. Removing iron is essential to prevent corrosion and damage to vehicle paint.


Bug splatter is often very acidic and can damage paintwork if left untreated. Gyeon's ug and grime easily lifts and dissolves residue without the need of agitation. Simply spray and rinse.


Tar spots are very common on vehicle paintwork. Close inspection of paintwork will display tiny black dots of tar that aren't removed by washing. Simply spray Gtechniq W7, leave to dwell for 1-2 minutes and buff off with a clean microfibre.


Clay is the final step. Once as much contamination as possible has been removed chemically (without contact), a clay bar will finish off the job. The reason we don't start with the clay is that it can sometimes induce scratching and marring on heavily contaminated paint. This is why we selected Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft as it is the most gentle of the clay bars, whilst still effectively removing contaminants. ValetPRO's clay rider is essential to lubricate the clay bar to help prevent any sratching.


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